OI EIS Growth Fund 1

The Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund 1 closed for investment in March 2021 and invested in a portfolio of promising technology companies over the course of the 2021/22 financial year. Investments completed include:

cognitantCognitant (Healthinote) is an Oxford based digital platform for health information. They work in partnership with patient groups to deliver personalised interactive information and medical apps to patients to help them manage their health and treatment. Their clients include the NHS and a number of pharmaceutical companies who use their services to provide information about health and treatment to patients.
fungialertFungiAlert is a deep-tech, bio-product discovery and development company for agriculture. Founded at Imperial College by PhDs, they are focused on revolutionising microbial discovery. Microbial discovery can lead to identifying natural predators to economically devastating pathogens, to identifying microbes for bio-fertilisation & carbon capture. FungiAlert's SporSenZ technology captures active microbes directly from the field, isolating & cultivating microbes at the right time & conditions, leading to superior bio-product candidates at a rate three to four times faster than existing routes.
ecosyncEcoSync is a revenue-generating cleantech start-up from Oxford with a cloud-based energy management platform for commercial buildings. 40% of the energy in commercial buildings is wasted on empty rooms. EcoSync’s AI-powered platform can find the empty rooms and optimise their temperature settings with a subscription-based service and maintenance-free control.
envoremEnvorem is a UK company that has developed a Greentech to treat oily sludge by exploiting an obscure property of water. The oil and maritime industries discard 1% of crude oil as waste, annually generating circa 120 million tonnes of sludge. With no environmental way to treat these, they are either incinerated or dumped with massive environmental impact on our oceans, land and air. Envorem has built & deployed a large-scale paid pilot for the state oil company of Oman, successfully cleaning their sludge and recovering 99% of the oil.
wayland additiveWayland Additive’s Calibur machines offer a breakthrough in capability in metal Additive Manufacturing. They’ve reviewed the fundamental physics, and through tech transfer from the semiconductor industry made a step change in productivity, stability, and range of materials. They offer a more industrial, manufacturing-focussed platform. Wayland Additive’s machines are sold to manufacturing industries such as Defence, Space, Aerospace, Oil and Gas and Medical; industries which can take advantage of their capabilities to produce higher performing components; reduce cost, inventory, leadtimes, and simplify the supply chain.
Oxford Medical ProductsOxford Medical Products have developed Sirona, a disruptive solution to the obesity crisis. Obesity is a pandemic with almost one third of adults overweight or obese, representing a global market of $160 billion. Sirona is a long-acting hydrogel pill that acts like a gastric balloon. It expands & stays in the stomach for several weeks causing a sensation of satiety, suppressing the taker’s appetite, before breaking down and passing naturally.
interpacInterpac has built a revolutionary machine for making corrugated cardboard, known in the trade as a “corrugator”. Almost everything bought on-line is delivered in a corrugated cardboard box. But corrugated board has a hidden secret, it needs steam to produce, wastes energy and water and is big and expensive requiring dedicated factories. By not using steam, the Interpac solution uses 80% less energy, is one tenth of the price, and offers savings of up to 25%.
visusnanoVisusNano is developing a pipeline of exciting drug-eluting intraocular lens implants, for use in patients undergoing cataract surgery. They’ve developed a novel biodegradable polymer-based drug-elution system which can be attached to the intraocular lens, allowing slow, controlled release of antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic agents. Resulting in improved patient outcomes by obviating the need for eye drops and laser treatment after surgery.
infersensInferSens have developed AI-enabled flow sensing technology, initially to the £7bn UK Legionella risk monitoring market - addressing a regulation-driven UK and global demand. Their low cost, scalable solution enables reductions in manual water testing and flushing, saving cost, water, energy and CO2. With a no-capex SaaS model customers see immediate net savings, reducing barriers to entry. With a strong customer pipeline in place, InferSens will sell directly and via channel partners.

If you're an investor in Fund 1 and would like to get in touch about your investment, please contact the Fund Custodian, KIN Capital, at Alternatively, please contact Richard Cooper, Managing Director at Oxford Innovation Finance, who'll be happy to help with your query.

Companies interested in receiving investment from the Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund should follow the standard OION application and Showcase pitching process - further details on this can be found here.


eis fund

Oxford Innovation Finance launches its fourth EIS Fund

Oxford Innovation Finance launches its fourth EIS Fund investing in innovative and ambitious UK science and technology businesses that have the potential to achieve significant growth.


Oxford Innovation Finance invests in tailored cyber threat intelligence company

Oxford Innovation Finance’s EIS Growth Fund 3 and OION Angel Network have invested in CYJAX, a leading cyber threat intelligence company that provides tailored cybersecurity solutions for organisations.

deep planet

Oxford Innovation Finance invest in sustainable farming tool for viticulture

Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund 3 and the OION Angel Network invest in Deep Planet, an Agri-tech start-up using AI technology to help winemakers and growers tackle the challenges of climate change.


Oxford Innovation makes follow-on investment in a unique solution for manufacturing corrugated board

Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund completes follow-on investment in the latest funding round for Interpac.


OION’s ‘Pitch@Blenheim Palace’ event delivers a valuable platform for securing angel investment

Oxford Innovation Finance’s angel investment network returned to Blenheim Palace for its in-person ‘Pitch@Blenheim Palace’ Showcase event in September.


OION Angels invest in a digital planning tool redefining the funeral industry

Aura is reinventing how funerals are planned and delivered with simple, direct cremations which can be served anywhere in the UK, using its digital planning tools.


OION’s ‘Pitch@Blenheim Palace’ event returns for its second consecutive year

Oxford Innovation Finance’s angel investment network returns to Blenheim Palace providing up to ten businesses with the opportunity to pitch to its audience of experienced angel investors.


OION Angels invest in a temperature regulating solution for glass surfaces

Oxford Innovation Finance’s Angel Network (OION) invested in the latest funding round for Albotherm, the climate tech company developing a temperature regulating coating for glass surfaces.


Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund invest in a proptech platform connecting communities and accelerating change

Commonplace raised £2.1 million in seed investment to accelerate its expansion and inspire thriving places.


Oxford Innovation invest in 3D printed biomimetic implants stimulating bone growth

Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund alongside OION angel investors, have invested in the £1.2 million oversubscribed funding round for OSSTEC, the orthopaedics company developing bone healing implants.


Oxford Innovation invests in revolutionary Inertial and Gravity sensors

Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund and OION Angels invest in Silicon Microgravity, the disruptive technology company developing high-performance accelerometers and gyroscopes to deliver MEMS based tactical and navigation grade sensing.

Arma Karma

Oxford Innovation support growth journey of ethical insurtech Arma Karma

Based in Oxford Innovation Space's Colchester Innovation Centre Knowledge Gateway, Arma Karma secure investment from expert angel investors following their pitch at Oxford Innovation Finance's OION Showcase.


Oxford Innovation make follow-on investment in a personalised digital health information platform

Following its initial investment in 2021, Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund alongside OION angel investors, has made a follow-on investment in the latest funding round for Cognitant Group.


Oxford Innovation Finance invest in a fully sustainable colouring technology

Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund 2 invests in the innovative coloured advance materials company Hypetex.

fund update banner

Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund 1 & 2 update

Despite the turbulent economic conditions of 2022, the Oxford Innovation Finance EIS Growth Fund 1 and 2 made significant progress over the year.


Oxford Innovation Finance launches its 3rd EIS Fund

Oxford Innovation Finance is pleased to launch its third EIS Fund, which will invest in innovative and ambitious technology companies that have the potential to achieve significant growth.


Hardman & Co publish research on Oxford Innovation Finance

The report is focussed on the Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund 3, an Alternative Investment Fund which provides a portfolio of investments in high-growth technology companies.


Oxford Innovation invest in Qkine’s £4.3 million fund raise

Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund and OION Angels invest in Qkine’s latest £4.3 million fund raise.


Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund and OION Angels increase investment in EcoSync’s second seed funding round

Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund co-invest with OION Angels in EcoSync’s second seed funding round of over £950,000, continuing its support from the first funding round in 2021.


Oxford Innovation Finance joins UKBAA

Oxford Innovation Finance is proud to announce it is one of the latest members to join the UK Business Angels Association, the Trade Body for Angel and Early Stage Investing.


OION angels invest in a movement for change to make healthcare more accessible

Members of Oxford Innovation Finance's angel network invest in CardMedic, a unique communication app designed to reduce health inequalities secondary to communication barriers in healthcare.

September Showcase

OION’s first face to face Showcase in over two years reconnects the innovation ecosystem of Oxford and beyond

OION angels, part of the Oxford Innovation Finance ecosystem, held its first face to face Showcase since the pandemic at Blenheim Palace last month.

FA Bio

Our portfolio company FA Bio win The Radicle Inclusion Challenge presented by Nutrien

Having made it to the final pitch presentation, from over 130 applicants, FA Bio was announced as a winner receiving $250,000 investment.


OION angels invest in revolutionary venue hire platform for community spaces

OION members have invested over £200k in Sharesy, the market leading venue hire platform for community spaces in London.


Neurofenix raises £5.9 million in Series A funding

Fantastic news for Neurofenix as it raises Series A funding to support its US expansion, hiring and clinical trials.


Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund 2 helps power the future

Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund 2 co-invest with OION angels in the UK technology company Anaphite as part of its latest fundraise of £4.1 million.


Congratulations to Oxwash on closing their £10 million Series A funding

We first met Oxwash back in January 2020 when they pitched to our OION angel investor network as part of their £1.4 million seed investment round.


Introducing Oxford Innovation Finance

The home of OION and the Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund.

Successfully Managing Innovation

Successfully Managing Innovation – Funding and navigating the innovation landscape - Episode 6

This event from The Institution of Engineering and Technology will show how to navigate the technology angels UK early-stage funding landscape for innovative technology investment.

eis fund 2

Now Open for Investment – the Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund 2

The Fund will aim to invest in promising early stage technology businesses that have the potential for significant and tax-free capital gains. (Capital at risk).

oi fund envorem

Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund leads £1.45m funding round into Envorem Ltd

The Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund, managed by OION Ltd, alongside Angel investors from OION, SAIC, Danube Angels, TSP Ventures and Morrow Moylan Capital have invested in the early stage Greentech company Envorem.

taylor vinters future focus

Taylor Vinters - Future Focus Series: Fresh thoughts on environment and innovation

Co-hosted by Taylor Vinters and Oxfordshire Greentech, their Future Focus series highlights the innovative thinking and business practices that will tackle the world’s greatest challenges.

oi growth fund

Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund Completes First Investments

The Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund has now completed its first two deals, investing £200k in to both Cognitant Group and FungiAlert.


Peeling back the layers of OION’s financial year

During a year unlike any other, OION has continued to assist ambitious, innovative companies with 28 of them securing funding from the network.


Exclusive Transformation Bootcamp for Funding/Investment Readiness

Impakt It out of Oxford University Innovation solving the $7.4Trillion question on why 84% of business transformations fail. Bringing you an exclusive opportunity for the Business Transformation Bootcamps with tailored focuses, including the Transformation Bootcamp for Funding and Investment-Readiness.

oi growth fund

First EIS fund marks significant new milestone for Oxford Innovation

Oxford Innovation, the UK’s leading organisation helping ambitious entrepreneurs and innovators with advice, innovation space and capital, has successfully raised a £2million EIS fund for providing finance to the next generation of innovative businesses.

oi fund open

Introducing the Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund

Oxford Investment Opportunity Network (OION Ltd), is delighted to introduce the Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund, offering investors the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of promising technology companies with the potential to achieve significant tax-free capital gains.


Autonomous Drone start-up, Flare Bright Ltd closes initial investment round

Flare Bright pitched at OION's September Showcase and have recently closed their round with investment from OION members.


RAB Microfluidics secures £1.24m investment

Following their pitch at OION's July 2020 Showcase, RAB Microfluidics have recently closed their round with investment from OION.


Jens Tholstrup shares his thoughts on 'How Innovation Works'

OION Ltd's Chairman, Jens Tholstrup, explores Matt Ridley's latest book.

taylor vinters founders series

The Founders Series - Season 3 // Mikesh Udani

For episode 2 in Season 3 of Taylor Vinter's Founders Series, they'll be meeting a spin-off CEO whose revolutionary tech-based approach addresses a health issue that’s existed for decades.

taylor vinters founders series

Taylor Vinters - The Founders Series

Taylor Vinters Founders Series reveals how leaders of breakthrough businesses have identified opportunities in fast-moving markets and taken a disruptive, tech-based approach to make their concepts succeed. Sign up now for Season 3.


The impact of Covid-19 on early stage investing

We've been working with Advanced Oxford to find out how Covid-19 may change the levels of early stage investment within the knowledge economy.

taylor vinters

OION welcomes Taylor Vinters in new sponsor partnership

International legal business Taylor Vinters shows continued support for the innovation ecosystem in new partnership with Oxford Investment Opportunity Network (OION).


UK-Singapore Innovation Matching Day – opportunity for startups to pitch to global organisations

The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and its partners are organising an event on 13 May 2020 in central London for European startups to pitch to Singapore organisations.

Virtual Showcase

The Show must go on: OION’s most recent Showcase goes virtual

Following the recent developments and in the interests of all attendee’s safety, the decision was made to move OION Ltd’s March Showcase, originally scheduled to be held at Culham Science Centre, to an online only virtual event.

OION Fund portfolio company,, closes Series A funding round

Congratulations to who’ve just raised £3.76m Series A funding.


Messly closes round with investment from OION members

Messly pitched in September 2019 with their professional network for UK junior doctors who they connect with recruiting hospitals and agencies through a tech-enabled hiring platform.


Saltee secures investment following pitch at OION Showcase

Saltee pitched their new direct to consumer, premium beauty sector sun care brand at the October 2019 OION Ltd Showcase held at the HB Allen Centre in Oxford.


OION’s first Showcase of 2020 held at Cazenove Capital’s offices in London

The first OION Ltd Showcase of 2020 was a sell-out event with eleven impressive companies pitching for investment.

oion oan logos

Oxford Investment Opportunity Network and Oxford Angel Network join forces

Leading angel networks in Oxford merge to catalyse early-stage tech investment in the Oxford Cluster.


Final OION Showcase of 2019 sees nine companies pitch for investment

The final OION Showcase of 2019 was hosted by OION sponsor, PwC, last week at their Frontier hub in the Reading offices.

jens tholstrup

Coffee and Danish with Jens Tholstrup of Oxford Investment Opportunity Network

OION MD Jens Tholstrup talks with Antony David at TechTribe about the early stage ecosystem in Oxford.

hb allen centre

Keble College’s new H B Allen Centre hosts OION’s October Showcase

Our October Showcase took place last week with eleven companies presenting for investment at the recently completed H B Allen Centre, Oxford.

harwell campus

OION’s September Showcase held at Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire

Following a short break over the summer, our Showcase events resumed last week with the first of the Autumn series held in the new Visitor Centre at Harwell Campus.

lwe logo

Learning with Experts, Oxford EdTech Company, Raises £800k

Learning with Experts has just completed a latest funding round above target, raising £800k with an impressive group of High Net Worth (HNW) Angels, including members of OION.

somaserve logo

Success for Somaserve...

Somaserve has recently announced that it has secured the IP and global commercial rights to the PolyNaut technology and also the closure of its seed round funding in which a small group of investors, including OION, participated.

july19 showcase

Eleven companies present at joint OION and OUI Showcase

Last week, the Oxford Martin School on Broad Street hosted the latest joint Oxford Investment Opportunity Network (OION) and Oxford University Innovation (OUI) Showcase.

oms logo

Oxford Medical Simulation closes investment round with funding from OION members

Oxford Medical Simulation pitched at OION Ltd's London Stock Exchange Showcase in November and have recently closed their round with investment from OION members.

oxford trust

OION welcomes The Oxford Trust as new sponsor

OION is delighted to welcome The Oxford Trust as a sponsor of the network.

crypta labs logo

Crypta Labs raises investment following pitch at OION Showcase

Crypta Labs is developing the world's first portable quantum hardware security module to secure edge of network devices that rely on weak random numbers in their encryption protocols. We’re pleased to confirm that they’ve recently closed their round with investment from OION.

ukbaa finalist

OION a finalist in Syndicate of the Year category at the UKBAA Awards

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for Syndicate of the Year at the UKBAA Angel Investment Awards 2019!


OION Ltd’s latest Showcase hosted by Rathbone Private Office

Eleven companies pitched for investment at OION Ltd’s most recent Showcase, held at the London offices of Rathbones.


OION sponsor, PwC, seeking ambitious businesses to test their ‘My Financepartner Digital’ Software

PwC have developed ‘My Financepartner Digital’ to allow you to login to your mobile or laptop and quickly see all the key performance metrics of your business (or businesses) without logging in to your accounting software.


Perkier Foods secures funding following pitch at OION’s London Stock Exchange Showcase

Perkier Foods, producers of healthy, free-from and plant based snack bars and breakfasts, have recently closed their £350k round with significant investment coming from OION members.


OION celebrates successes of the past year at Annual Dinner

Oxford Investment Opportunity Network (OION), now in its 25th year of connecting companies and investors, celebrated the occasion and the successes of the past year at the well-renowned OION Annual Dinner.


OION welcome PwC as newest sponsors

OION Ltd are delighted to welcome PwC who’ve recently joined as a sponsor of OION.


Twelve companies pitch at OION’s Blenheim Palace Showcase

Twelve companies pitched for investment at last week’s OION Ltd Showcase held at the stunning Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxfordshire.


OION Dinner 2019 - Tickets now available!

The OION Annual Dinner has a reputation of being a great networking event. This year will be no exception as we return to Trinity College, Oxford on Wednesday 10th April.


First OION Ltd Showcase of 2019 hosted by Centrica at Windsor HQ

Ten companies from across OION Ltd’s three investment networks (OION, TVIN & OEI) pitched for investment, followed by networking and lunch.


Advanced Materials company, Alvant, secures investment following pitches at OION

Alvant have pitched at two OION Ltd Showcase events recently, first at the Saïd Business School, Oxford in July last year and second with an update at the London Stock Exchange in November.


OION Ltd’s final Showcase of 2018 held at Sophos HQ, Abingdon

Ten companies pitched for investment at last week’s OION Ltd Showcase, the final of 2018.


RootWave receives investment following pitch to OION Ltd

RootWave pitched at OION Ltd’s July Showcase and as a result have recently closed their round with a £150k investment from OION members.


Success for Inovo Robotics

After pitching at OION Ltd’s Robotics and AI Showcase held at Culham back in January, Inovo Robotics have recently closed their round after accepting a £1.5m investment from a technology EIS Fund.


CHAIN Biotechnology raises funding from OION Ltd for the second time

Following their pitch to OION Ltd members in May at Leander Club, CHAIN Biotech have recently closed their round with investment from a number of OION members included.

stock exchange

OION Ltd’s latest Showcase sees thirteen companies pitch at London Stock Exchange

Last week’s OION Ltd Showcase at the London Stock Exchange featured presentations from thirteen fascinating companies seeking investment.


OION Ltd’s first Showcase of the current series held at Bisham Abbey, Marlow

Following a brief pause for the summer, September 27th saw the first OION Ltd Showcase of the current series. Held at the stunning Bisham Abbey near Marlow, ten companies from a broad range of sectors pitched.


Bookabees secures funding following pitch at OION Ltd’s May Showcase

Bookabees pitched to OION members at the May Showcase held at the Leander Club overlooking the river in Henley on Thames. Since then, we’re pleased to report that they’ve recently closed their round with investment from OION included.


Rovco named ‘Game Changer’ by the Offshore Renewables Energy Catapult

Rovco, after receiving £280,000 of investment from OION members as part of a £1.2m raise, have been named a ‘Game Changer’ by the Offshore Renewables Energy (ORE) Catapult.

july showcase

OION Ltd’s final Showcase of the summer series sees ten companies pitch for investment

OION Ltd returned to Oxford’s Saïd Business School last Thursday for the final Showcase before the summer break. Ten company pitches were followed by networking and refreshments providing investors with the opportunity to find out more from the companies of interest.


Ten companies pitch at OION Ltd’s May Showcase hosted by Leander Club

OION Ltd’s May Showcase was held last week at Leander Club overlooking the Thames in Henley. Ten companies from across OION Ltd’s three investment networks (OION, TVIN & OEI) pitched for investment.


OION Ltd completes 37 deals in 2017/18

Oxford Investment Opportunity Network Ltd had 37 separate companies receive funding within the last financial year. 19 companies were funded through the OION Ltd Angel Investors and a further 18 through the OION Fund.


Labrador raises funding through OION Ltd

Labrador pitched at the February OION Ltd Showcase kindly hosted by Rathbones at their London offices. We’re pleased to report that, since their pitch, Labrador have raised funding through OION.

march showcase

Twelve companies pitch at joint OION Ltd and OUI Showcase

The joint investment meeting held by Oxford Investment Opportunity Network (OION Ltd) and Oxford University Innovation (OUI) saw a mix of twelve companies pitch for investment - eight from the OION Ltd network and four from the OUI network.

music gurus

Success for MusicGurus

MusicGurus is the e-learning platform for the music industry, revolutionizing the way that music is learned and taught and providing leading publishers, artists, equipment brands and schools with the means to go digital.


Latest OION Ltd Showcase sees twelve companies pitch for investment

Twelve companies pitched for investment at the recent OION Ltd Showcase, kindly hosted by Rathbone Investment Management at their offices in central London.


Smart textiles company, Pireta, secures £500,000 through Oxford Investment Opportunity Network (OION)

Following their pitch at the October 2017 OION Ltd Showcase, held at Centrica’s head office in Windsor, Pireta have recently closed their investment round after raising £500k from OION members.


OION’s ‘Robotics & AI’ Showcase sees ten companies pitch for investment

OION’s first Showcase of 2018 was held last week in collaboration with RACE (the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s centre for Remote Applications in Challenging Environments) at Culham Science Centre, Oxfordshire.