Oxford Innovation Finance invests in tailored cyber threat intelligence company


Oxford Innovation Finance’s EIS Growth Fund 3 and OION Angel Network have invested in CYJAX, a leading cyber threat intelligence company that provides tailored cybersecurity solutions for organisations.

In recent years, there has been a surge in cyber threats, with cybersecurity emerging as the foremost risk to businesses. CYJAX's innovative SaaS technology platform, Cymon®, defends against potential threats using advanced technology to discover, mitigate, and reduce disruption caused by risks such as phishing, ransomware, data breaches, supply-chain compromise, and financial fraud.

CYJAX’s unique solution Cymon® incorporates automatic scanning, collection, and processing of relevant customer data, to deliver actionable intelligence against cyber-attacks. The platform is supported by a dedicated team of intelligence analysts who provide context to business leaders. This guidance ensures operational resilience against cyber-attacks whilst offering insights into the optimal allocation of cybersecurity resources and budgets.

This latest investment round, in which Oxford Innovation Finance invested £345,000, will facilitate CYJAX’s business growth through the expansion of its sales, marketing, and customer success teams. The funds will also boost marketing efforts to elevate CYJAX’s visibility in the market and expand its client base.

Kevin McMahon, CEO at CYJAX, commented: “Threat intelligence is increasingly important in cyber defence and this initiative amplifies CYJAX's mission to safeguard organisations globally from evolving cyber risks. Our unique threat intelligence platform, Cymon®, works continuously to discover and track known and unknown cyber threats targeting our customers, equiping them with higher visibility while achieving their security objectives. This new funding will help to drive business growth in a digital landscape where proactive cybersecurity measures are imperative.”

Richard Cooper, Managing Director at Oxford Innovation Finance, said: "As the global market for cybersecurity solutions grows, CYJAX's strategic positioning and innovative approach make them a key player in the defence against cyber threats. Their innovative platform provides businesses with tactical recommendations for deploying the most relevant security measures and enhances the protection of valuable assets. We look forward to supporting CYJAX as they continue to grow."

Published: February 2024.